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FotoTime FotoAlbum 5.0 Press Release


FotoAlbum 5.0 provides iPod and PSP photo syncing and new Smart Albums

Dallas, TEXAS, October 17, 2005 - FotoTime, a provider of digital imaging solutions, today announced the availability of FotoAlbum 5.0 which includes a host of new features. A new device sync feature allows users to import and export albums and photos to portable display devices such as iPods, and PSPs. With the new DeviceSync, and the existing FotoSync features, FotoAlbum can now manage photos and videos on everything including portable devices, your local computers and online Internet albums. FotoAlbum 5.0 also includes a new smart album feature in addition to standard albums. The smart album wizard allows you to easily create complex queries that specify the photos or videos in the album, and automatically updates as you add or modify items.

“Our goal is to give our customers a simple, reliable way to organize and share their images,” said FotoTime Vice President, Andrew Pitts. “With FotoAlbum 5.0 users have greater power and flexibility to easily view, organize and sync images, whether they are at home, away from their computer or using the increasing number of handheld display devices.” FotoAlbum 5.0’s exclusive new Device Sync technology now provides a single solution for managing your albums across PC’s, web sharing and display devices."

FotoAlbum 5.0 is the 5th generation of photo album software provided by FotoTime and continues its tradition of providing advanced technology that is easy to use and priced affordably. For a complete list of new FotoAlbum features and capabilities, refer to

About FotoTime, Inc.

FotoTime is a provider of both photo management software and integrated online digital photo sharing that provides photo organization, management and long-term storage solutions for the digital photography enthusiast or aspiring professional. The company’s integrated FotoAlbum software and web site solution allows photographers to easily transfer, update and synchronize digital images between their PC’s, and any number of handheld devices. It also offers users multiple ways to upload photos, several photo viewing options, and the ability to generate links to albums and pictures for posting in newsgroup forums or personal web sites. Aside from selling prints and gifts, FotoTime offers a one-year 500 MB membership to store hundreds of full-resolution original images for $23.95.