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FotoTime Background Information

  • Background

    One of the most popular and exciting consumer technology products on the market today is the digital camera. The replacement of film technology with digital photos presents consumers with many challenges, not the least of which is how to organize, share and print their digital photos. When the founders of FotoTime purchased their first digital cameras, they soon realized that once digital pictures were downloaded from their digital cameras, there were no integrated tools that met their organizing, sharing and printing needs.

  • What are FotoTime's Products?

    FotoTime provides a suite of digital photography solutions designed from the ground up to be completely integrated and is the only product suite from a single company designed to handle the entire lifecyle of a digital photo.

    FotoTime's FotoAlbum Pro image managment software serves as the digital "shoe box" for user's photo and video collection. Photos and videos can be organized into albums and sub albums with the capability of adding metadata such as captions, keywords (tags), dates and ratings. Using FotoAlbum Pro's one-click FotoSync process, photos and metadata can be transferred to a user's FotoShare web account for friends and family to view. With advanced features such as exif/iptc importing and exporting, batch editing, and more, FotoAlbum Pro is the perfect tool for beginners to professional photographers.

    FotoTime's web based photo sharing service, FotoShare, makes it easy to share photos and videos with friends and family, and also use photos in forums, blogs, and eBay auctions. Users can upload pictures and videos directly to their FotoShare account and organize them into albums. FotoShare's invitation system allows users to e-mail guests links to view their photos and includes security to control exactly what albums and photos the guests will see. FotoShare also includes some of the newest web 2.0 features including tag searchable user contributed content, a powerful ajax user interface, and rss feeds for users albums.

    FotoStudio is a service for amateur and professional digital photographers to easily and cost effectively setup an online storefront to sell prints and gifts showcasing their photos. With the new service, photographers upload photos to their FotoStudio ‘store’ and set prices for the print and gift items for each event. Users can personalize their account by changing fonts, colors and even adding their own logos. FotoStudio includes marketing tools to e-mail the participants at each event and provides watermarking of photos for increased security. As customers make purchases, FotoStudio tracks the profits for each sale. Payments are made automatically each month by electronic funds transfer, check or PayPal.

    The FotoTime Store enables consumers to purchase high quality prints or custom gifts. The FotoTime store offers prints ranging from wallet size to poster size 30x40 prints in either glossy or matte finished. In addition, users can create custom photo gifts using their photos, such as mugs and t-shirts, and can even select from items not offered at other retailers such as photo playing cards, photo calendars and photo sports balls. The FotoTime store is integrated into all of FotoTime's products allowing customers to place orders from their desktop using FotoAlbum, or while online using FotoShare or FotoStudio.

  • Who uses FotoTime's Products?

    FotoTime's solutions are targeted for the beginning, amateur and professional photographer. As more people switch from film to digital, they are looking for workflows to replicate how they worked with film. FotoTime's integrated product line was designed from the ground up with an entire workflow solution in mind that includes capturing, correcting/editing, managing/storing and sharing photos.

    FotoTime provides all the tools that users of digital photography need in a single integrated package. In creating powerful tools with similar desktop and web user interfaces, FotoTime provides the most integrated and easy to learn solution for managing pictures on a user's desktop and the internet. Using FotoTime's exclusive FotoSync technology, it is also possible to quickly transfer images between the desktop, handheld devices, and the internet with a click of the mouse.

  • What is the FotoTime business model?

    FotoTime delivers its offerings to customers in more than 80 countries through an Internet distribution.

    FotoAlbum Pro is sold through our online store and is delivered electronically through an activation key. FotoAlbum Pro's vast feature set and its $49.99 retail price makes it very competitive to other companies products.

    FotoTime's online photo sharing service, FotoShare, is offered with two different membership options. Users can sign up for a free FotoShare account which is ad supported with banner ads that show when guests view their photos and videos. Users can also purchase a $23.99 annual subscription, which not only includes ad-free online photo and video sharing, but also an abundance of online storage and an enhanced feature set.

    The FotoStudio service costs $47.98 a year, and allows amateur and professional event photographers to easily setup an online store to sell prints and gifts of their photos for profit. Unlike FotoShare, there is not a free ad sponsored version of FotoStudio.

    The FotoTime store allows guests to easily purchase prints and gifts created from their photos. FotoTime offers a wide variety of print and gift items, with prices starting at 10 cents for either glossy or matte 4x6 prints.