Customize the look of your albums

Learn how to customize your albums

You can easily customize the looks of your albums and thumbnails using the styles capability of FotoTime. You can even choose different styles for each separate album. For example, you can choose one style for a Holiday album, and a different style for a vacation album. FotoTime provides several different styles for you to choose from, or if you know CSS, you can even define your own.

Step 1 - Login to your FotoTime account

Open your web browser and login to your FotoTime account from our homepage. Use your e-mail address and the password you provided when you registered with FotoTime.

Step 2 - Go to the Styles Configuration Page

Click the Admin Options link at the left to go to the Administrator Menu, then select the Select Display Style link from the Other Options section of the Administrator Menu.

Step 3 - Explanation of Page Styles and Thumbnail Styles

When selecting display styles, FotoTime gives you flexibility by allowing you to select the page style independent of the thumbnail style. This allows you to have several different display combinations to suit almost any need.

Step 4 - Set your Styles

By default, your albums automatcially use the style you have set in the Default section. This makes it easy to change the display style of all your albums without having to set each album individually. FotoTime recommends that you choose the default style that you think looks the best, then for any album that you want to look different from the default, set that display style individually.

Step 5 - Create your own CSS

If you know how to edit CSS style sheets you can create your own styles - we recommend using your favorite CSS editor. Use the Create custom styles link at the left to access this option. Start by downloading any of our own style sheets as a template then modify it to your own liking. Our stylesheets have comments that help you easily identify what to change to get the desired effect.