Uploading photos with your camera phone

Uploading photos with your camera phone

You can easily publish photos to your FotoTime account by simply e-mailing them to photos@fototime.com from your cell-phone. We automatically find all the pictures in your e-mail and add them to your FotoTime account. These steps are very similar to e-mailing photos from your regular e-mail application.

Step 1 - Tell FotoTime what e-mail address your phone uses when e-mail photos

Login to your FotoTime account using your web browser. Go to the web preferences option in your account by using the "Admin Options" link from the menu at the left. In the Uploading Photos and Videos section, go to the "Alternate E-mail Addresses" field. Enter the e-mail address that your photos will be coming from when e-mailed from your phone, for example, "johnsmith@pm.sprint.com".

If you don't know the address that your phone uses when sending out e-mails, simply use your phone to send a test e-mail to one of your standard e-mail accounts. Then use your e-mail client to find the e-mail address in the "From" field of the e-mail. Once you enter that e-mail address, scroll to the bottom of the page, and hit the "Save" button. You will only need to configure this one time unless your phone number changes, or you change cellular services.

Step 2 - Create a new e-mail on your phone

Create a new e-mail and address it to "photos@fototime.com".

Step 3 - Add Photos to the e-mail

Using the menus in your phone, select the photos you want to accompany your e-mail.

Step 4 - Specify an Album

If your phone lets you specify a "Subject" for the e-mail, you can direct which album you want your photos to be added to. To specify the album you want the photos added to by adding the following to the subject line of your e-mail:


If you want to specify a multi word album name, put it in quotes as show below:

album:"My Multi Word Album Name"

If you forget to specify an album name in the subject line, or your phone does not provide a way to specify the "Subject" line of your e-mail, we simply add your photos to a default album, "E-Mail Uploads".

Step 5 - Send the E-mail

Send your e-mail. Once we receive the e-mail, we automatically process it and add the pictures to your account. It may take a couple of minutes for the processing to occur once we receive the e-mail. Once we have processed your photos, we will e-mail you back a confirmation that your photos have been added to your account. The confirmation e-mail is sent to your standard FotoTime e-mail address, and not to your phone.