Eye-Fi 2GB Wireless SD Card


Wirelessly upload images from your camera to FotoTime

Eye-Fi 2GB Wireless SD Card

Wirelessly Save and Share Your Memories

The Eye-Fi Card is a wireless memory card. It automatically uploads pictures from your digital camera to your PC or Mac and to your FotoTime gallery. No cables, no waiting, no hassles. To learn more, press the play button below.

How it works

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Eye-Fi Card, Wireless 2 GB SD Memory Card

Setup your Eye-Fi card with FotoTime

Configuration is a snap. Just follow these simple steps.

  • Step 1 - Login to your Eye-Fi Manager

    Open your web browser to http://manager.eye.fi/index.php#page=login

  • Step 2 - Enter the Eye-Fi Settings menu

    Click the orange "Setings" link at the top of the page. On the configuration page, click (change) link in the "Upload to Web" section.

  • Step 3 - Add FotoTime as a service

    Click the green "+" icon to add a new service. When the list of services appears, click the blue "Gallery 2" button in the Gallery section. Then enter the following information in the prompts:

    User Name the e-mail address associated with your FotoTime account
    Password your fototime password
    URL http://www.fototime.com/gallery

  • Step 4 - Take photos

    Now put the Eye-Fi card into your camera, and you are ready to take pictures. The card is now configured to automatically upload any photos you take to your FotoTime account anytime you get in range of an open wireless network.