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About Patricia Adams

Painting was my first introduction to the world of "fine arts". Photography was never something I could afford to consider as a hobby. However with the new age of computers and digital cameras, it suddenly became viable, receiving my first digital, a Kodak DC210, Christmas of 2000. It was a great starter. Then in March of 2002 my husband came home early from work one day, to find me perched up on a table at the kitchen window, magnifying glass in one hand, and Kodak in the other, trying to capture the hummers at the feeder. The very next day an Olympus C700UZ magically appeared as an early birthday present...and became my constant companion...until April 2008 that is, when I moved up to an Olympus SP-550UZ, which has even more zoom... and a whole new learning curve! ;)

Now, as a grandmother, the digital bug has taken the place of easle, paints and brushes, and so the painting supplies have been dusted off and passed on to my first grandson.

LocationNanaimo British Columbia, Canada
InterestsMy interests are varied ... always trying to push the camera past it's limits, and enjoying a challenge. Mostly I prefer to wait for photo ops to present themselves ... and get great joy from the unexpected. However, I also enjoy the challenge of capturing the personality of animals of all kinds, shapes and sizes, and am delighted when asked to do shoots of horses for some Canadian Horse breeders in the area.

Other interests include beachcombing, woodworking, gardening, searching flea markets for odd treasures and antiques.

Favorite MusicClassical, Country, Rock & Roll

Patricia Adams' Albums

Lucky pictures
Spiders and Their Webs
Spiders and their webs
Photo assignments for the forum
Pat n' Pati Creations
Woodmont Farm
Woodmont farm... breeders of Canadian Horses and Min-Pins . The farm is also a sanctuary for many birds and fowl, both wild and tame.
Canadian Horses
Vancouver Island
Landscapes on Vancouver Island, our home and surrounding area

Vancouver Island is one of 6000 islands in British Columbia - and the largest island off the Pacific Coast of North America. Approximately 460 kilometres (285 miles) long, 50-130 km (30 to 80 mi) wide, covering approx. 32,136 square kilometres (12,408 square miles). Separated from the mainland by Queen Charlotte, Georgia, and Juan de Fuca straits, the Island is a partially submerged portion of the Coastal Mountains., rising to 2,200 m (7,219 ft ) at Golden Hinde Mtn. located on the centre of the Island in Stratchona Provincial Park. Much of the Island is wilderness and home to wolves, black bear, cougar, deer, elk and eagles . The rugged western coastline consists of deeply indented fjords and inlets, rain forests, mountainous terrain and is sparsely populated. There are very few roads and many of the coastal villages are only accessible by sea or air. Island population is mainly concentrated along the east coast, where level plains extend inland, with lush farmlands, forests, quaint villages and towns. The largest cities are Victoria ( provincial capital) and Esquimalt (site of a large naval base) to the south, Nanaimo, central Island, and Port Alberni to the north-west. There are many small ports and fishing settlements, Port Hardy being the most northerly, all are connected by the only highway running the length of the Island Climate is mild and humid, with the western portion of Vancouver Island receiving the greatest amount of precipitation in North America. Total population of the Vancouver Island Region, which includes the northern and southern Gulf Islands is approx. 726,367, Vancouver Island on it's own stands at approx. 700,593.

Saltspring Island.
Saltspring Island, located in sheltered waters off the east coast of Vancouver Island, is the largest and most populated of the Canadian Gulf Islands. 17 miles long and 9 miles wide, with a year round population of approximately 10,000 residents. They say approximately 200,000 tourists visited the island last year.

The local Chamber of Commerce have an excellent website with information on Saltspring.

You can find them at:

Flowers, Fruits and Nuts
Wild flowers, Garden flowers, Fruits and Nuts
Autumn Color
Autumn color
Pond Life and Inhabitants
Feathered Friends
I go to nature to be soothed and healed, and to have my senses put in tune once more. John Burroughs
Fowl, Wild and Tame
Pavo Cristatus
Robin Family
Mother Robin and her young at feeding time
Small Birds
Small Birds
Water Birds
Water Birds
Sea and Sand
Sights at the Seashore
Wildlife with fur coats
Pets and friends
Our cats and their friends
Macro and Closeups
Small things and closeups
Creative Endeavors
Oils, watercolors and digital art
Black and White
Published Photos and POTD's
Although I have had only a few winners, these photos have all won recognition in some way.
Photo Stories
Yard Art
Collectibles and antiques
Seen in Passing
A miscellaneous collection
Things which don't fit anywhere else.
Family Photos
Work related equipment
At Simon Frazer University
Pati's photos
Forum Portraits
In Memory Of
A true friend is one who loves unconditionally and non-judgmentally. One is fortunate to have one true friend in a lifetime, I was truly blessed with two such friends.

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